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Päivitetty: 13. toukok. 2020

It has been a while since the last post. The journey took a stand still since the pandemic is giving everyone a bit of a hard time.

How ever, in the beginning of March we had the joy to perform Mind like an Open songbook at Yökylä-festival. The performance took a shape of an durational performance. Both night at the festival I poured sand from one bottle to another for 5 hours each night. I asked people to play with the sand with me and so they did. I asked: What it is to leave? What is it to stay?

The discussion ranged from Gods to summer holidays, from death to relationships.

Each night was a different one. Each performance started differently. People and conversation changed the performance and it felt as if the performance was growing with me, with each encounter where Iearnt more about the performance and its functions.

So Thank you Yökylä festival.

Thank you for the opportunity

We are grateful for these sleepless nights, for the conversation, for the togetherness.

Thank you for singing us a lullaby

For letting us explore, to get better, to research to bring our ideas to life.

Thank you for all of you who stayed there with us during the performance. Thank you for those who asked questions, for those who answered questions, for those who questioned and those who were open to be questioned. Thank you for playing with us in the sand. Thank you those who traveled with us. Thank you all, for bringing you and giving us so much to work forwards.

Thank you Yökylä for such an atmosphere. It was a pleasure to be there.

Pictures by: Aleksis Riehakainen

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