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The second performance

So! Last Tuesday came and went, time goes by, things change and evolve.

Based on the amazing feedback after the performance, we are exited to continue the journey to Tampere to perform on 28th and 29th of February @yokylafestivaali

Also a big thank you for everyone who came by. As we see it, the collective is the people who are there with us, experiencing and feeding back with their presence and words and help. The collective is us. You reading this now, you are a part of it too. This means that the collective really becomes a breathing, changing thing and everyone can truly get involved in as they wish. It is about doing together and sharing and taking action and being active and all that jazz. Or the exact opposite if that is how you are.

This piece seems to be work in progress as default. Work in progress in that sense that progress is what makes the process work. One step at a time, the journey continues. One pit stop, one performance at a time it is easier to map out where to go next, what is the next step to progress.

When I left for my bike trip through Europe (which serves as an inspiration for the process and everything it seems hahah), I had no clue what is going to happen. What happened in the end was change. Change happened.

Special thank you for Minttu for photos and for everyone at SaltSpace for great collaboration

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Katso kaikki

oh! The first step is done, Mind Like an Songbook has seen the sunligh! Now is the time to think about the next steps. Here's some thoughts Next month we'll be traveling to Finland to perform in dura