• Tiia Sorjonen

9th of January 2020

Whilst watching back this Timelapse of the first run of "Mind like an open songbook", Anna Tiia Sorjonen, writes: "On the 18th day of travel, we are finally putting things together and getting a run through. Durational performance is something that has been on my mind from the start of making this performance. The story behind the performance is a story of a bicycle trip I made in 2013. That trip took me 17 days, I cycled from Turku, Finland to Manchester, which now, 7 years later feels like a durational performance of stubbornness, since the longest distance I had cycled before was just about 100km, I was not prepared, and I had not booked anything else for the trip than a one-way-ticket for the boat from Turku to Stockholm. What I had was the massive urge to just go and see and do, just get lost and find my way again, and again and again. And that was what I did. Since I started working on the performance I have had the same urge to just see and do and get lost and found. It is simple. I just need to do this and even though half of the time I am not sure whether it will all come together, half of the time I know that it is already together - since this is just a continuation of a journey that started 7 years ago." Mind like an open songbook - 18th of January @ SaltSpace. See you there!

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