• Tiia Sorjonen

9th of January again

It is the 15th day of traveling and I am not here nor there. I am in between, in transit, lost somewhere in Translation. I don’t always remember the truth. I am sailing, waiting

What do we expect, when we wait? A sign, a sound, a feeling, a connection, not to be bored, not to feel empty, to feel something. The passing of time is just a side effect.

-- Mind Like an Open Songbook is a performance that is to do with travel and sand and those moments when you are on your way to somewhere, not quite there yet, not quite here either.

Combining poetry, movement and music Mind like an Open Songbook is the first production of Rosace Collective - a Glasgow based collective that promotes sustainability and transparency of creative processes, whishing to brake some of the myths surrounding performance making and to make the participation to a creative process much more accessible. The process of creating Mind Like an Open Songbook is very much an open one, the performance on the 18th of January being just one milestone on the journey.

Follow the journey and the decision making on our Instagram:@rosacecollective

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