• Tiia Sorjonen

After the first performance

oh! The first step is done, Mind Like an Songbook has seen the sunligh! Now is the time to think about the next steps. Here's some thoughts Next month we'll be traveling to Finland to perform in durational format. This is exciting and feels like a good continuation of the process so far. I have been doing some reading about durational performance and especially Cristos Linou's masters' thesis, Naked Peel: 12 hours later - Shedding intoxication through durational embodiment (2015) has given a lot for this process. As a dancer, Linou speaks about the body and the holding patterns it has. The embodied patterns of 'holding our bodies' are influenced and made by our own histories and experiences. By setting oneself to study these holding patterns we can link our insecurities, shames, and traumas to certain kinds of body language or bodily patterns, which we subconsciously repeat. Mind like an open songbook is an embodiment of openness - it is an invitation to say: This is it now, this is what is happening. It is an invitation to ask: What do YOU see, what do YOU hear, where are YOU now? The journey started from the internal, 'I want to be heard' which changed to the more open 'I want to hear' after coming to the realization that too long I have held a closed pattern, where the natural flow of energy is interrupted by certain holding patterns. By allowing myself to create openly, and ask the question (gently, in peace, without expecting an answer): why do I do these things as I do them?, it feels like there is space for change. Our responses and actions create the world, yet still, sometimes I can't help but act in a way that I know won't make the day any better. What is that makes a human being act as it does and how much of it is programmed by our upbringing and environment and how much can be changed by allowing oneself to be open to change and influences? I put myself into a place where I have to embody new, much more open holding patterns thus (hopefully) shedding some intoxication and creating something much more sustainable - an art practice that is everchanging and fluid. I ask: where next? Where do You go next? What is the next step? Matka on alkanut!

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