Jos Antaudun

Is life just survival from day today? Why is one human so tiny, so small, so insignificant? Can we do anything about the world? What happens when you surrender to loneliness?

Jos Antaudun - illuusio yksinäisyydestä is an artistic investigation. When we started we did not give the performance a genre or a set form or a target market. We wanted to create with clear eyes and with pure hearts. During the organic process, we let our themes change and crystallize to find what was important to say with this performance. The truth was found from the body, from movement, from nonverbal storytelling, and from the will to find the truth. Music played a big part in the performance, it was its language.

Performed and created by Katimari Niskala ja Tiia Sorjonen.

Music: Valtteri Alanen, Niskala-Sorjonen