End Bending Beginning

Millions of years ago we got our form //
We got our form from stardust //
Born of water, formed of stardust //
We travel from form to form //
Always moving, always changing//

Would you travel with me for a while?

End Bending Beginning is an urban meditation, performed 2018 in heart of Glasgow, Scotland, and Turku, Finland.  The performance investigated travel and journeys, ends and beginnings and urban space. It invited members of the public to listen to a soundtrack and to take a moment to stop and let the dance quite their vision.

This video has been created to document the performance.

Performers: Hannah Talulah Dixon Wright,  Douglas Arthur Jay-Chalmers, Rosy Rosslyn Marshall, David Ronan

Created in collaboration with the performers and Julia Fisher, Ewan Keith-Driver, Angel Ng

Text, music and video: Anna Tiia Sorjonen