ends and beginnings, perfections, beauty and ugliness, durational performance, acting, directing, sonic art, movement work 

Having a background in theatre allows me to approach performance art from a collaborative point of view. I create work about beauty, ugliness, perfections, cycles, and change. The pieces that I create often  combine movement, poetry and sound work.

Since 2019 I have worked as an Artistic Director at Rosace Collective.  This is a platform for me to implement my artistic research considering durational performances and the philosophy of them.

I am an actor/performer with skills in writing, music, and visual arts. Design and visual presentation are a vital part of my pieces. 

After graduating from Turku Arts Academy as a Drama Instructor in 2018 and finishing my BA in Contemporary Performance Practice at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in 2019, I have been also working as a drama instructor.

If interested in collaboration, booking any of my pieces for an event or a festival, or if you would like to book a workshop with me, please do get in touch:


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